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The ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests of leading Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch courses and programs. Our tests proved that while the market contains some products which are plainly confusing and ineffective, two of the courses we tested provide completely viable and effective ways to obtain perfect pitch.

The two courses rated highest by our testers were thoroughly reviewed in the previous web pages. This section summarizes our findings, providing a comparison table followed by our conclusions.

Product The Pure Pitch Method
by Ryan Cameron
Perfect Pitch SuperCourse
 Relative Pitch SuperCourse
by David Lucas Burge
Our Review
Lowest Price Perfect Pitch & Relative Pitch Combined:


Perfect Pitch:


Relative Pitch:


Combined: $388

What You Get ● 39 Audio Lessons
● Introduction Audio Session
● 120 page Course Manual
● email Help Line

Perfect Pitch SuperCourse:
● 24 Audio Lessons (8 CDs)
● 80 page Course Handbook
● 2 Bonus CDs:
   Relative Pitch demonstration
   Perfect Pitch for Children message

Perfect Pitch SuperCourse:
● 41 Audio Lessons (41 CDs)
● Footnotes Booklet
● Info Booklet
● Bonuses:
   Power Points Audio Session
   Chord Chart


Partial: Requires instrument
Platform PC, Mac or mp3 player PC, Mac or CD player
Order Security + Money Back Guarantee
Two Thumbs UP.
No Risk
2 Months
Full money back guarantee.
Just send email and get full refund,
No questions asked.

Perfect Pitch: One Thumb UP.
No Risk
40 Days
full-money-back guarantee: void if CDs 6-8 are opened. Otherwise: Just return course material by mail and get full refund, No questions asked.

Relative Pitch: One Thumb Down.
No Risk
90 Days
partial-money-back guarantee: for unopened CDs only. No refund for opened CDs. Otherwise: Just return unopened CDs by mail and get partial refund, No questions asked.

In a Nutshell

A true revelation: The Best Perfect Pitch & Relative Pitch course available anywhere. Unique approach makes course very effective. Very straightforward, provides very consistent results. Fast and easy to use. Add in a very low price, and it is easy to see why we chose this as our hands down winner. There's simply no contest.

Until recently the best courses around, but lost its title to Pure Pitch. Good teaching, effective and until recently the only course worth its salt, but also burdened by many drawbacks: Very abstract method makes for inconsistent results, takes very long to master, a lot of the course is unrelated, no help line for students, and a very steep price.
Grade 9.8/10

Best Perfect Pitch & Relative Pitch Course


Our Review
Note: Our experts have also tested other programs, which we rated lower. To avoid data overkill (and legal issues from sore losers), the also-rans are not listed here.

Our tests of Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch courses laid out a very clear picture of the market:
Although we have tested numerous courses, Only TWO courses proved effective in teaching perfect  pitch. The other courses we tested were simply not good enough.

The two winning courses are Perfect Pitch SuperCourse - David Lucas Burge's best selling course for 27 years, and The Pure Pitch Method - Ryan Cameron's newcomer, boasting a unique straightforward approach. When the instruments calmed down and our pens stopped writing, the results were clear: there's a new winner in town!

Ryan Cameron's The Pure Pitch Method is now clearly the best course around. Teaching Perfect Pitch was usually an evasive art, with abstract instructions and thus low results. The beauty of The Pure Pitch Method is that it is the first course that manages to make the teaching very explicit and thus much simpler to grasp and follow. This makes for more consistent results - meaning almost all students who take the course seriously should be able to obtain perfect pitch, and only very few will find no benefit. This is truly a breakthrough. Granted - this course will not enable any "Eureka" cases in which some students reach enlightenment and discover perfect pitch in only a few hours - but these cases are really gifted rarities. For those other 99.9% of the students this course is clearly better: It provides fast results, is easy to follow and is even fun to use. The course is very comprehensive, very well structured and most if all - effective. Even at a much higher price, this would have been our winner; Factor-in its very low price and there's simply no contest. Long live the new king!

For 27 years, David Lucas Burge's Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse and its sibling Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse completely dominated the market. It was simply the only course available which could teach perfect pitch with an acceptable success rate. The course is extremely comprehensive, very complete, and provides several excellently produced CDs. However, the way we see it, when you buy a self-improvement course you're not buying shiny real-estate and what you actually want to buy is results. This means that although having "real" CDs is nice, what's really important is the level of results you reach, and how fast and easy it is to reach them - and this is where The Pure Pitch Method outshines it. As detailed in our full review, Burge's courses are burdened by several shortcomings, the chief of which is a very abstract approach to teaching perfect pitch. Learning takes longer, demands more effort and determination, and results are less certain than with Cameron's method. The end result is that while Burge's courses are still ahead of most others, they are clearly left behind by The Pure Pitch Method. Factoring in their limited return policy and much higher price just makes matters worse for Burge.

A final thought is that this is a matter of approach: "natural" possessors of perfect pitch tend to view pitches as colors: "just as you see an apple and know it's red without thinking about it, I hear a note and know it's an E flat"[4]. Burge tries to get "regular" people to think that way, and this makes learning difficult with inconsistent results. Cameron realized that while perfect pitch is difficult to obtain, relative pitch can be easily grasped even by "regular" people. The beauty of his method, then, is that it combines learning relative pitch with perfect pitch: instead of trying to force you to think in a way "natural" possessors think, Cameron devised a method which uses your natural abilities, bolsters them, and uses them as a handy shortcut to obtaining perfect pitch. In our tests this showed excellent results, achieving high perfect pitch abilities in record time. You may not be able to hear tonal colors, but you will be able to recognize every note you hear - and this is after all what perfect pitch is all about. Instead of trying to go up the path beaten by Burge and others, Cameron tried finding a new path. He truly succeeded in this - and The Pure Pitch Method is the hands-down winner of our tests.

The ReviewsNest team of experts hopes you've enjoyed reading this review and that you've found it helpful. We invite you to visit our site again in the future, for additional Independent, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth reviews.

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1. Perfect Pitch & Relative Pitch Reviews Home

2. ● The Pure Pitch Method

3. David Lucas Burge

4. Test Conclusions


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