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1) Power Of Conversational Hypnosis, by Igor Ledochowski
(Click HERE to enter the Power Of Conversational Hypnosis product site)

What You Get   Suitable For   Lowest Price   Risk: Order Security + Guarantee   What We Think   Real-World Tests   Buying Tip

What You Get:

12 CDs
Written Transcripts for all CDs
Extensive Course Manual
5 "Cheat Sheets" for reference

Bonuses - 4 CDs:
  Shadow and Stealth Tactics CD
  Advanced Secrets to Bypass Resistance CD
  Conversational Hypnosis Demo CD
  Breaking the Code CD

With Platinum Package membership:
   Free 1-month trial membership
   Dozens of Audios, Videos, eBooks and interviews
   Constantly updating with new material

Suitable For:

Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.

Hypnotizing Unknowing Subjects, Hypnotizing Willing Subjects, Self Hypnosis.

Compatible with both PC and Mac.
Also compatible with any iPod or mp3 player.

Lowest Price:

Lowest price is available from the publisher, by clicking here .

Power of Conversational Hypnosis was previously offered as a physical version, shipped on physical CDs. Upon offering the full course in downloadable format the price was slashed by 72%! This now makes the course a true bargain - a multi-hundred-dollar course currently offered at a greatly reduced price.

Risk: Order Security + Guarantee:

No Risk Order, Full Guarantee.

Power Of Conversational Hypnosis orders are processed by a third party dedicated processor, over a secure and encrypted connection, so order and credit-card details are very safe and secure.

Power Of Conversational Hypnosis offers an 8-week, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just send an email and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked. In addition, after you get your money back, you still get to keep all course bonuses.

This is REALLY our way of doing business. Two thumbs up!

What We Think:

Putting it simply: Power Of Conversational Hypnosis emerged from our test as the King of Learn-Hypnosis Courses.
With 12 extensive CDs, a very effective workbook, 5 reference sheets and 4 bonus CDs, this program is by far the most comprehensive program we tested. However, it would be a mistake to judge it on Quantity alone, as the Quality of this course also outshines any other course known to us. This course is very effective, and easily wins our #1 ranking.

Ledochowski, the main figure behind this course, is a world renown hypnotist and author of several important books about hypnosis. As one of the world's most prominent living hypnotists, he frequently teaches Master-classes to other hypnotists at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis, the Association of Hypno-Analysts and the Hypnotherapy Association. His work is based mainly on Ericksonian Hypnosis, tailored and modified through his own methods and black-ops techniques. As such, the course is extremely well structured, very comprehensive, and built on solid theory. No other course was as effective, period, especially in enabling you to hypnotize others during normal conversation, without them noticing it.

Quality: The course is well produced and extremely high quality.

Professional Assessment: The course relies on solid theory combined with black-ops techniques, and should be very effective.

Usage: Based on audio files, with complete transcripts and a complete manual, the course is easy to use, and provides results very quickly. Course material is very interesting, so learning is fun. Within minutes of listening to the first audio files, or testers started experimenting with what they learned - and surprisingly achieved results even with no previous experience. As they listened to other CDs and practiced their newfound skills, their capabilities grew tremendously - as demonstrated in the Real-World Test results.

Power Of Conversational Hypnosis is the best course we tested. Until recently it was available only on physical CDs, cost several hundreds of dollars, but was still worth the price. With the recently introduced downloadable version prices were slashed by over 70%, and the course is now a real bargain. This course will enable you to master hypnosis very quickly, and give you advanced tools you can use for years to come.

User Review/Testimonial by a Professional:

Probably the best evidence regarding the quality of Power of Conversational Hypnosis is this unbiased user testimonial we found in our searches, posted by Dr. Scott Braxton. Dr. Braxton was already a Clinical Hypnotist trained in traditional hypnosis methods, and a Master Practitioner in NLP, when he purchased this course. Here's what he had to say:
"...it's not that expensive. It's surprisingly not that expensive - I spent ten times more than this to go to training, easily. And as I went through this, I was astounded by the information in this. This stuff is absolutely incredible!"


Real-World Tests:

This course aced all tests, was easy to use and proved extremely effective.

  • Miscellaneous Test: One of our testers had planned to buy a car. Using techniques learned from this course, our tester negotiated an extremely good deal on the car. Quote: "Amazing! I had (the salesperson) eating from the palm of my hand!"

  • Mall Test: (details)
    Success rate without using hypnosis: 23%.
    Success Rate using Conversational Hypnosis: 89%, plus willingly gave more details than in any other program we tested.

  • Bar Test: (details)
    Success rate without using hypnosis: 9%. Success rate using Conversational Hypnosis: 83%. One of our testers even got a "Yes" from three female friends together (Quote: "That was so hard to let go...").

  • Sales Test: (details)
    Highest price for black shirt without using hypnosis: $17.49
    Highest price using
    Conversational Hypnosis: $38.99
    Quote: "They were willing to pay $39 for a $15 T-shirt!!! Go figure..."

Buying Tip:

When ordering the course, you will be offered a free trial membership to the course's Platinum Package site. This membership site contains a lot of powerful, high quality resources that cannot be found elsewhere, a membership forum and extra support. What's more, the resources are constantly updated and replaced, ensuring that site remains useful for months to come.

1st month membership is a free trial, and you can easily cancel your membership, so there is nothing to risk. We fully recommend that you take the free (and Risk-Free) trial membership offer.

Product Site:

For more information about Power Of Conversational Hypnosis or if you would like to order the course, click here .


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Table of Contents
Learn Hypnosis
Conversational Hypnosis
Covert Hypnosis
street hypnosis
Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis
Underground Hypnosis

Test Conclusions
Buying Tips

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