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The ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests of several Hypnosis Lessons sites, courses and software. Our tests proved that while the market contains many products which are absolutely awful, some excellent products do exist, which can teach you how to Hypnotize very effectively.

The five programs rated highest by our testers were thoroughly reviewed in the previous web pages. This section summarizes our findings, providing a comparison table followed by our conclusions.

Product Power Of Conversational Hypnosis
by Igor Ledochowski
The Art of Covert Hypnosis
by Steven Paliari
Raw Hypnosis
Ryan Clark
Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis
by Steve Jones
Underground Hypnosis
by Taylor Starr
Our Review
Product Site
What You Get ● 12 CDs
● Transcripts for all CDs
● Extensive Course Manual
● 5 "Cheat Sheets" for reference

4 CDs

With Membership Plan:

Free 1-month trial membership
● Dozens of
- Audios
- Videos
- eBooks and
- interviews
● Constantly updating with new material
15 Audio Files
● Transcripts for all audio files
● Revision and Exercises Manual

5 audio files
● 22 Audio Files
● Transcripts for all audio files

With Membership Plan:

- videos
- audios and
- ebooks
updating monthly
● Black Ops Interview audio files
● Underground Hypnosis Revealed audio files
● Roots of Covert Control audio files
● Controlled Environment Hypnosis audio files
● Advanced Hypnosis Interview transcript
● Training notes and guides
● Black Ops Interview audio files
● Underground Hypnosis Revealed audio files
● Roots of Covert Control audio files
● Controlled Environment Hypnosis audio files
● Advanced Hypnosis Interview transcript
● Training notes and guides
Unknowing Subjects
Willing Subjects
Self Hypnosis
Computer PC, Mac or iPod PC, Mac or iPod PC, Mac or iPod PC, Mac or iPod PC, Mac or iPod
Established Methods partial partial
Black-ops Methods
Order Security + Money Back Guarantee
All leading Courses: Two Thumbs UP.
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
8 weeks, No questions asked, Full Refund.
This is really our way of doing business - two thumbs up!
In a Nutshell Very comprehensive. Extremely well structured. Combines established hypnosis, Ericksonian methods and  covert black-ops techniques. Extremely effective, for all levels - beginner to true pro. See results soon, and continue learning from it for years. Even become a pro hypnotist, if you like - that's how good this product is. The Rolls-Royce of learn hypnosis courses. Nothing else we tested comes close. Very good course, similar in many aspects to Ledochowski's. This course too combines traditional methods with covert hypnosis, with very good results. Full course provided as part of a membership site, enables lowest price. Good results. Excellent hypnotist produces a top-rated course. We wish it had a full course-manual, but as it is videos are good and course wins one of our top spots. Black-ops course with effective results. Bad salescopy, but very good course.
Mall Test
23% w/out Hypnosis
89% 84% 84% 75% 72%
Bar Test
9% w/out Hypnosis
83% 74% 64% 57% 55%
Sales Test
$17.49 w/out Hypnosis
$38.99 $35.99 $29.99 $26.99 $25.99
Test Grade 10/10

Best Hypnosis Course We Know



The Price Leader



Our Review
Note: Our experts have also tested other programs, which we rated lower. However, to avoid data overkill (and legal issues from sore losers), the also-rans are not listed here.

Our tests of Hypnosis courses laid out a very clear picture of the market:
Although we have tested several courses, we listed here only the five top-rated courses. This means that all products listed above are excellent, and provide effective results. In addition, none of them is a scam, they all provide bulletproof money-back guarantees, and you can safely buy and use any of them. However, most people normally buy only one or two courses, and you certainly want to put your dollars only on the courses that give you the best value. That is why we have to pick our winners:

The best "learn to hypnotize" course we tested is Power of Conversational Hypnosis, followed by Art of Covert Hypnosis. Raw Hypnosis is another good course, which we crowned as the Price Leader.

Clifford Mee's and Igor Ledochowski's Power of Conversational Hypnosis is the best course we tested. It is extremely comprehensive and well structured, while at the same time easy and fun to use. With 12 CDs, an extensive manual , transcripts, "Cheat Sheets" and a variety of bonuses, this is definitely the most extensive course. This combination of Established hypnosis techniques with Ericksonian methods, NLP and covert black-ops techniques proved unbeatable in our real-world tests. It may cost more than the other courses - but it's a real bargain compared to the $697 previously required for the physical version of the course, or around $3500 required for private lessons by Ledochowski. This extremely high quality course is the Rolls-Royce of Hypnosis courses. If you purchase it - you will never look back!

Steven Peliari's Art of Covert Hypnosis probably followed Ledochowski's lead and produced a similar and very effective course. If you want an effective, top rated course, but want an alternative to Ledochowski's course - look no further.

Raw Hypnosis provides the full course as part of a membership site, with very low membership fees. This helps make it the price leader of the group - but don't be fooled - in this case low price does NOT mean low quality.

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis is an effective course produced by a much acclaimed hypnotist. We wish it had a full manual to accompany the audios, but even so - the course is very good.

Underground Hypnosis stirred controversy. Its sales-copy is fit for teenagers, and the product is mainly based on covert methods. Still - the course is very different from its pimply sales page, and is an effective product. 

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Use Hypnosis responsibly, and for entertainment purposes only. ReviewsNest is against trying to control people against their will, using hypnosis and/or any other method.

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Learn Hypnosis
Conversational Hypnosis
Covert Hypnosis
street hypnosis
Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis
Underground Hypnosis

Test Conclusions
Buying Tips

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