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2) Rock Drumming System, by Jared Falk
(Click HERE to enter the Rock Drumming System product site)

What You Get   Suitable For   Lowest Price   Risk: Order Security + Guarantee   What We Think


Rock Drumming System have started a Three-Day Sale. Course sold for 20% off. Additional details in the "Order Now" page in their site.

Disclosure: As a professional reviews site, we are sometimes compensated by the companies whose products we review. This in no way influences our reviews, which remain unbiased. Full Details Here.

What You Get:

4 full-length DVDs

A full-length Jam-Tracks CD, containing jam tracks with drum track off

4 detailed workbooks

1 Bonus DVD - One Handed Drum Roll

Drummer Essentials eBook

Drum Kit Lessons eBook

Unlimited online & phone help

Suitable For:

All levels:
   Beginner , Intermediate (All drumming styles)
   also Advanced , Professional (Rock Drumming only)
   Also suitable for Children
of 8 years and above.

Compatible for both PC and Mac.
Also playable on CD and DVD players (No need for a computer).

Lowest Price:

Physical Version: $117

Download Version: Not Available.

Rock Drumming System offers Easy Payment plans. The course can be purchased at up to 5 payments of $25.

Lowest price is available from the publisher, by clicking here .

Risk: Order Security + Guarantee:

No Risk, Full money back guarantee.

Rock Drumming System order processing performed by Elavon Internet-Secure, which is considered very secure. The ordering process is straightforward, clear, and very safe to use.

Rock Drumming System provides a 90 days, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, just return it and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked.

This is REALLY our way of doing business. Two thumbs up!

What We Think:

Which style do you want to focus on?
If you want to be a multi-style drummer or focus on a style other than Rock, you might want to read HERE about Learn and Master Drums, but if your main focus is on Rock you won't find a better course than this one.

The Rock Drumming System is quite simply the Best Rock Drumming course we could find! Where Learn and Master Drums is an excellent all-around course, which teaches all aspects of drumming in different styles and genres - the Rock Drumming System is a much more focused course intended mostly for Rock Drumming.

Rock Drumming system is mainly based on 4 DVDs, 4 matching workbooks and a CD. The DVDs and workbooks are arranged as beginner, intermediate and advanced, gradually progressing and building your skills. While the course provides extremely fast results for beginners, the advanced section provides excellent insights even for professional rock drummers(!) - this is how good the course is.

Similar to Learn and Master Drums, the Rock Drumming System uses several cameras. Whenever this helps, just about everything is shown in four camera angles and close-ups: Side, Top, Front and Heel/Bass Drum. This significantly helps learning - so much better than most courses available, and only Learn and Master Drums offers something similar.

The teaching provided is first rate. Too many courses we checked prove that excellent drummers do NOT always make excellent drum teachers, but the top three courses prove otherwise. Case in point: Jared Falk. His rock drumming is pure magic, his teaching flows effortlessly. We really enjoyed this course. Kudos!

The course is logically built, climbing gradually from very easy to highly advanced. The DVDs and workbooks are arranged as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, and the lessons in each section are also logically arranged.

The course contains just about anything you want to know about drumming. While good for most drumming styles, it provides a tight focus on rock drumming. This means that while most topics (from setting up your drums to advanced beats and fills) are good for all styles, the course also focuses on topics especially important in rock drumming (such as rock drumming patterns and how to build endurance and drumming speed).

The DVDs and books teach you just about everything you want to know about drumming, with a tight focus on Rock: 

  • Assembling, setting up and tuning the drum kit

  • Positioning - Sitting posture, high and low heel positioning, holding the sticks...

  • Using the bass drum

  • Double Bass drumming

  • Tuning and playing the Hi-Hat

  • Reading sheet music and drum charts

  • Soloing tips

  • Professional tips and tricks

  • Creating your own personal drumming style

  • Ghost notes

  • Drum Beats

  • Drum Fills

  • Paradiddles

  • Hundreds of Drum Patterns

  • The Rudiments

  • Cross-Stick

  • Improvising and ad-libbing

  • Drum theory

  • Improving timing and precision

  • Speed playing

  • Yet more speed playing

  • Rock Beats

  • Other drumming styles

  • The Moeller method

When ordering the course, the Rock Drumming System offers discounts on other courses by the same group. One such product is the Jazz Drumming System - a similar course with a strong focus on Jazz drumming. We only sampled the course, and it looks good, but we didn't fully test it yet. For more details about the Jazz Drumming System click Here.

Another course that we DID test, is The Moeller Method. This course's DVDs are the best we saw for teaching this ever-important method, and with the discounted price and no need for additional shipping, the Moeller Method course makes an excellent deal. The Rock Drumming System is an excellent course by itself, and the Moeller Method course bolsters it even more. We fully recommend buying the Moeller Method course when ordering the Rock Drumming System.


As you know by now, we're pretty excited about the two top programs. Both Learn and Master Drums and the Rock Drumming System are outstanding programs which can boost you playing considerably. If you're feeling confused about which one to choose - don't be. It's all pretty simple, as besides the similarities, the programs are also very different in some important aspects:

  • If you want to be a great all-around drummer, playing different music styles and genres, or if you want to focus on a music style outside Rock - buy Learn and Master Drums (It is also great for rock drumming - just not focused around it). The course is very comprehensive, and covers varied music styles. You really won't regret buying it, and your playing will thank you.

  • If you want to focus mainly on Rock drumming - your best option is definitely the Rock Drumming System. It's an amazing course, Jared teaches fluently and clearly, and the tight focus on Rock truly pays off (it does also teach other styles besides Rock, but Rock is its main forte). The rock jam-track play-alongs are exhilarating, and the course is very well executed. You'll love the course, and the significantly lower price is just an added bonus.

  • Finally, if you can't afford Learn and Master Drums - it becomes a no-brainer. Even if you want to be an all-around drummer and your focus isn't on rock - no other course we know under $100 will teach you nearly as well as the Rock Drumming System. Simple.

Product Site:

For more information about Rock Drumming System or if you would like to order the course, click here .


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Table of Contents

Drum Lessons

Course Reviews:

1. Learn and Master Drums

2. Rock Drumming System

3. Drumming Made Easy

4. Begin Drumming

5. Music Master Pro

Conclusions & Buying Tips



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