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Full Disclosure on Our Reviews Operations

ReviewsNest is dedicated to providing Hands-On, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth product reviews.

As a professional review site, we are compensated by some of the companies whose products we review. We consider earning our visitors' trust of uttermost importance and the only way we know to do this is by providing you with data that is both useful AND trustworthy, so we are completely open and honest about every product we review.

There are dozens of review sites - some are honest, while some are outright scams. We believe we are the MOST TRUSTABLE review site around - Here's why:

  1. We do not have a personal interest in any of the products we've reviewed and are not owned by any company whose products appear on this site.
  2. We NEVER accept money to write a review
    (otherwise - we wouldn't be able to stay objective if someone pays us to review of a bad product).
  3. The only way we (sometimes) get compensated is when you purchase from a vendor and they realize the sale was made after reading us. This in no way affects the price that you pay (if anything - sometimes our links provide you with a discounted price we negotiated for you!)
  4. The persons reviewing the products don't know how much a product's vendor is willing to pay, if anything at all. They just review on the merits of the product.
  5. When the reviews are ready, the per-sale commission that we negotiate from the vendors only determines how much traffic (ads) we send to the product's category - not the placing of the review.
  6. "Top Five" Vendors often find it good business to compensate us for sales - as this determines how much traffic (and sales for them) we drive in. Even if they don't compensate us at all - they'll stay at the same position! The only difference is that we'll drive-in less traffic.
  7. A few Examples:
    • In our Forex Trading reviews - the #1 course does not pay us anything. Not one red cent. We are NOT affiliated with it at all - but for the last 2 years or so it stayed on our #1 spot, because we really like the excellent course.
      The only difference is that we don't send much traffic there except traffic reaching us through search engines.
    • In two of our music-related reviews, the #2 course is willing to pay more per sale than the course we think is #1, and that's on lower priced products  (This means - #2 can make more sales, and will pay more commissions per sale than #1 - Wow!). Regardless - #1 stays #1, #2 stays #2.
    • In our Perfect Pitch reviews the #2 course is willing to pay commissions ONLY to sites placing it as the winner. We think that's unfair and succumbing to this pressure would cost us our integrity. That's why instead of putting them on the #1 spot and profiting on sales of both products, we prefer to lose their commissions and keep our integrity.
    • We don't know any other reviews site that can boast anything like this!
  8. We clearly state on each page of each review that some of the vendors compensate us. And we provide the full details on this here.
    Although almost all other reviews sites are compensated, and some provide biased reviews, most sites don't even provide a disclosure.
  9. Finally, to top all these measures - we ONLY review courses with 100% solid Full-Refund policies - usually giving you around 2 months to see if you feel the products matches our review or maybe you don't like it as much as we did.

We believe that maintaining and honoring our visitors trust is both the RIGHT AND JUST way to do business, and the more profitable way in the long run. Many of our visitors are repeat visitors, coming back to read more after purchasing one product and finding it was top-notch.

In the pipeline is a user's reviews feature in which you'll be able to read unedited reviews from other visitors to our site, whether they match our own opinion or not.

That's in a nutshell, and again -
NO other reviews site we know can boast anything like this

We take pride in our reviews' quality and their adherence to facts and truth, and we're certain you'll feel the same reading them.


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