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3) Vocal Release, by Eric Frey

(Click HERE to access the Vocal Release product site)

What You Get     Suitable For     Lowest Price     Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee     What We Think

What You Get:

250 Page Instruction manual
Numerous audio files
   Song Writing Guide
   Rhyming Dictionary

Suitable For:

All levels:
   Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.
   Women , Men , Children (adult assistance advisable). 
Compatible for both PC and Mac.
Also playable on CD and DVD players.

Lowest Price:

Download Version: $97.00

Lowest price is available from the publisher, by clicking here .

Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee:

Could be a problem Now fixed.

Singorama is sold via ClickBank - one of the most respected digital goods retailers around, so order is very safe and secure.

Previously they had a pretty problematic  money back guarantee: Unlike other programs which give you a few months to make up your mind, Vocal Release required that you wait a whole year before you can ask for a refund. This meant that:

  1. If you got a feel of the program and decided it's not for you - you couldn't just ask for a refund and use the money to buy another program - you had to wait a whole year for that.

  2. Additionally, many people who wanted a refund would forget to ask for it after waiting a full year.

It now seems they changed the money back guarantee to a simple 60 days guarantee. Until we see it working, however, we'll give it a single thumb up!

What We Think:

This is a very good program.
Eric Frey certainly knows how to sing. He also knows how to teach, and in this program he has succeeded in wrapping his abilities into a good singing course.

The course teaches you many aspects of singing. It starts with the basics, gradually taking you in, building your capabilities and teaching you more and more advanced techniques.

This course does not neglect the important issue of teaching you how to care of your voice and keep it healthy. It teaches proper warm-ups and warm-downs, and provides precious tips on what to do and what you should avoid. It teaches how to build breath support, and even how to sing when you are ill.

The course also provides insights about real-life aspects of professional singing, such as how to choose your microphone and what to do in case the sound isn't right, how to deal with stage fright, etc.

Besides the CDs and eBook, The course offers two bonuses:

  • The Song Writing Guide - not the best feature of the course, but nevertheless a nice addition. If you want to supplement your singing by writing your own original songs - this guide serves as a good primer.

  • The Rhyming Dictionary - another nice addition, useful for those of you with writing aspirations who want to sing their own, original material.

To sum things up - Frey's high quality teaching secures this course a place in our top five.

Product Site:

For more information about Vocal Release or if you would like to order the product, click here .


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Vocal Release
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