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1) Singing Success, by Brett Manning
(Click HERE to enter the Singing Success product site)

What You Get     Suitable For     Lowest Price     Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee     What We Think

What You Get:

Detailed workbook
1 Studio Training DVD
12 audio CDs (304 files for 17 lessons)

Suitable For:

All levels:
   Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.
   Women , Men , Children. 

Compatible for both PC and Mac.
Also playable on CD and DVD players.

Lowest Price:

Download Version: $199.95

Physical Version:   $199.95 + P&H. P&H charges vary with country ($14.50 in USA).

Singing Success offers Easy Payment plans for the physical version, The program can be purchased at 1 payment of $199.95, 2 payments of $99, 4 payments of $49.75 or 7 payments of only $28.43.
Physical version same as download version, but consists of physical workbook, DVD and CDs. In this case the Physical version is recommended: The physical goods are extremely well produced, plus it enables you to spread the cost to up to 7 installments.

Lowest price is available from the publisher, by clicking here .

Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee:

No Risk, Full money back guarantee.

Singing Success order processing performed by 1shoppingcart.com, which is very secure. The ordering process is straightforward, clear, and very safe to use.

Singing Success offers the product with an unbeatable 6 month, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product after trying it for at least 1 month, just send an email (or return physical version) and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked, even if you have damaged the product!

This is REALLY our way of doing business. Two thumbs up!

What We Think:

Putting it simply: Singing Success emerged as the King of all "learn singing at home" courses in our tests.

With over 300 audio files, an extensive DVD and an effective workbook, the program is by far the most extensive program. However, its forte is even more in the Quality of the material than in its Quantity. Brett Manning is widely renowned as a first-rate singing coach. What surprised us is how well he conveyed his knowledge and insights in this truly effective do it yourself - learn to sing at home program. It is very effective, with only a few minor faults we can easily live with.

Singing Success was developed upon Seth Rigg's wildly successful Speech Level Singing (SLS) method. Briefly, SLS is a technique where the singer is taught to use less vocal energy in approaching the act of singing (especially belting). With practice, the singer learns to mix more head voice into the singing. This lessens the wear and tear on the voice. Think Sinatra; Think Ella Fitzgerald - their singing is easygoing, unstressed, and puts little pressure on the larynx. A great number of professional singers are SLS graduates, and swear by it. SLS veterans include hyper-pros such as Barbra Streisand, Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, Priscilla Baskerville and many more.

Still, SLS has its weak points, and the subject started various debates and arguments here. For example, it can be argued that singing at speech level does not create enough vocal cover to fully protect the throat. In addition, it does not lend itself well to singing Rock vocals. Finally, SLS lessons are expensive, are personally delivered by SLS instructors, and we did not find any good SLS program for self-tuition at home.

Brett Manning built his method on SLS foundations, and advanced it to a higher level. His system enables the singer to develop SLS virtues, while avoiding the SLS weaknesses. For example, Manning gave much thought to teaching the singers how to protect their voice. His technique enables you to sing just about anything: Opera, Jazz, Pop, Musicals, Blues, Rock - you name it. To top it all - Manning succeeded in wrapping it all as an incredibly effective "learn to sing by yourself" product - quite a feat. The program is so effective it even guarantees to increase your vocal range by at least one octave. No other course except Singorama 2.0 promises anything close.

Singing Success is a very well structured program. It combines a workbook and over 300 audio files. For visual cues, it provides a studio training DVD. Everything falls neatly into place, blending fun with results. The program enables a complete novice to improve almost instantly, while allowing a seasoned pro to run through it the umpteenth time, honing his/her skills and constantly improving.

As with most product websites, the Singing Success product website displays many raving reviews of the product, and praise for its creator, Brett Manning. What's unusual in this case, though, is that the reviews include praise from multiple Grammy and Dove award winners and nominees, Broadway musicals casts, and other professional singers. Naturally, we raised an eyebrow, and started digging up the dirt. To our surprise, no dirt was found: We have verified these claims, and found them true! Several singers using this program have in fact proceeded to win awards. Many others have succeeded as professional recording and performing artists. This is exactly as claimed in the site. Nice.

Singing Success safely delivers the promised one octave increase in vocal range - or more. Maybe the best indication for the excellence of this program is that after countless hours using this program, our music testers still find themselves practicing with it, improving and gaining new insights. Most testers preferred this program to all others, although a few ranked it second after Singorama.

Singing Success is the most expensive top-rated program we know, but it is also the best. If you don't want to spend this much on a course - keep reading the following reviews (especially that of Singorama). However, if you want the best singing course available regardless of price, Singing Success is the course for you. To make the course more affordable, Singing Success offers an easy payment plan for as low as $28 a month.

Putting things under perspective: Brett Manning provides personal lessons by phone at $300 per hour. Singing Success provides the complete Brett Manning program, for the price of a 40-minute lesson.

Product Site:

For more information about Singing Success or if you would like to order the product, click here .

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