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5) Learn to Sing the Blues, by Gaye Adegbalola
(Click HERE to enter the Learn to Sing the Blues product site)

What You Get     Suitable For     Lowest Price     Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee     What We Think

What You Get:


Suitable For:

All levels:
Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.
Women , Men , Children
Compatible for both PC and Mac, with DVD drive.
Also playable on CD and DVD players.

Lowest Price:

$29.95 + P&H. (Free P&H in USA)

Lowest price is available from Amazon.com, by clicking here .

Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee:

No Risk, Amazon standard money back guarantee.

Learn to Sing the Blues is sold by Amazon, so order is very safe and secure.
Product covered by Amazon's standard money back guarantee: if you return unopened within 30 days - you receive a full refund. If, however, you open the product wrapper and/or return after more than 30 days, you receive a 50% refund. No questions asked.
Not eligible for our Two thumbs up, as you only receive 50% after trying the product out. Still, the terms are clear and the policy is fair and reliable - so we give it a single thumb up.

What We Think:

This DVD is very different from the other "learn to sing" programs reviewed here:

  • It does NOT teach you how to sing, in general.

  • It is not fit for beginners or children (in fact, as in many blues songs, some of the material contains sexual content).

  • No software, no books - just a DVD.

However, if you want to sing the blues, it would be unwise to dismiss this DVD. Gaye Adegbalola is a true blues mastersinger, and her tips, tricks, ideas and insights stem from years of experience. Adegbalola, winner of the prestigious W.C. Handy Award in 1990 and twice nominated for the 2005 Outmusic award, really knows what it takes to sing the blues. Beginner or pro, this DVD will help you kick your act up a notch or two. It is also very moving. We were very thrilled with this DVD, and consider it a "must have" for all Blues singers.

Still, this DVD cannot take the place of one of the other "learn to sing" programs reviewed in this site. It is very different, in concept and execution. Our foremost recommendation is that you use any of the other programs, so that you shall become a better Singer. If you sing the Blues, we recommend that you also buy this DVD, so that you can become a better Blues Singer.

Product Site:

For more information about Learn to Sing the Blues or if you would like to order the product, click here .

Learn to Sing the Blues is also available at Amazon on VHS, by clicking HERE.


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