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Conclusions and Comparison Table

The ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests of several singing lessons courses currently on offer.

The test results proved that while the market contains some worthless (or even fraudulent) products, some excellent products exist, which can significantly improve your singing skills.

The courses rated highest by our testers were thoroughly reviewed in the previous web pages. This section summarizes our findings, providing a comparison table followed by our conclusions.

Product Singing Success
by Brett Manning
Singorama 2.0
by Emily Mander
Vocal Release
by Eric Frey
Singing Coach Unlimited Learn to Sing the Blues
by Gaye Adegbalola
Our Review
Lowest Price
Easy payment plans as low as $28.43 / month.

(soon $199.95)



What You Get Workbook
● 1 Studio Training DVD
● 12 audio CDs (304 Audio files)
● 2 workbooks
28 Audio Lessons (100s of Audio files)
● Singorama Mini Recording Studio software
● Perfect your Pitch Pro! software
● Jayde Musica software
● The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Reading Music e-book
● Advanced Learning Techniques for Singers e-book
● Singorama Virtual Metronome software
● Numerous audio files
● Song Writing Guide
● Rhyming Dictionary
● Singing Coach Unlimited software
● Software users manual
● 1 DVD
adult assistance advisable

some sexual content
Order Security + Money Back Guarantee
Two thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
6 month, No questions asked, even if you have damaged the product!
Two thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
60 days, No questions asked, and you get to keep the bonus software items

One Thumb UP.
No Risk,
Full money back guarantee:
60 days, No questions asked.
BUT - previous guarantee was shaky, so we're fiving only 1 thumb for now.

One Thumb UP.
No Risk, Amazon standard money back guarantee:
30 days No questions asked full refund for unopened product, else 50% refund.
One Thumb UP.
No Risk, Amazon standard money back guarantee:
30 days No questions asked full refund for unopened product, else 50% refund.
In a Nutshell Very compre-hensive. Extremely well structured.
Extremely useful, for all levels - beginner to true pro. See results soon, and continue learning from it for years - that's how good this product is.
The Rolls-Royce of "learn to sing" courses. Not cheap but worth every penny.
A truly great audio program accompanied by extremely effective books and an excellent software package.
Easy, fun to use software enables you to make the most of your practice sessions. Mini Recording Studio Software great for children (=Fun!) and professionals (=Effective!) alike. Email personal consultation line a great bonus, itself worth the price of the product!
A good program. Effective for all levels - from novice singer to advanved.  Audios and book teach many aspects of singing. A good course previously marked by a problematic Money Back Guarantee, but it seems like they've now fixed this. Fun, and effective, but not good enough for advanced and professional singers. Several software bugs and glitches. May slow down computer to an extent that it cannot follow your singing.
More of a toy than a serious teaching aid.
A Blues course - not a full singing course. Narrowly focused - but so good at it!
A must for Blues singers (beginners to pros), un-needed by those who don't sing the Blues.
Grade 10/10

Best Singing Lessons,
Bar none

Best Singing Lessons Under $100 & Best Deal
8.3/10 10/10
Best Blues Singing Course
Our Review

Our tests of leading singing courses laid out a very clear picture of the market:
Although we have tested several courses, we listed here only the five top-rated products. This means that all products listed above are good, and provide effective results. In addition, none of them is a scam, and you can safely buy and use any of them. However, most singers normally buy only one or two courses, and you certainly want to put your dollars only on the programs that give you the best value. That is why we have to pick our winners

The best "learn singing at home" course here is Singing Success. It costs more than other programs, but you get more than you pay for and if you want the best program available - this is the course for you. However, if you cannot or don't want to spend $199 for a course, Singorama makes an excellent 2nd-best. Providing almost as much for half the price, we consider it the best deal in improvement-per-dollar terms.

Putting things into perspective: only Singing Success and Singorama can guarantee an increase of a full octave in your vocal range. This is how good they are.

Singing Success is the most comprehensive program. With over 300 audio files, a DVD and an e-book, it will lead you on your way from beginner to pro, constantly teaching you new insights, constantly improving your skills. It is the most expensive top-rated program, but no other program reaches its depth and breadth. If you take your singing seriously - order this premium product. You can spread the cost to up to 7 installments, and the 6 month money back guarantee makes sure that you just cannot lose.

If you can't or don't want to shell out $199 on Singing Success, Singorama is almost as good, at half the price. Based on 28 comprehensive audio lessons, accompanied by e-books and multiple software programs, Singorama is extremely flexible and fun to use. The excellent audio lessons and e-books provide excellent tutoring, while the software's flexibility enables endless different practice sessions. The software is so well researched and executed, that it too enables you to progress from beginner to pro, and still keep practicing and recording with it. Kids loved Singorama, and professionals respected it.

Probably the best measure of success is that after countless hours practicing with all programs, our testers constantly kept returning to Singing Success and Singorama for further practice, leaving the other programs behind.

Vocal Release  arrives at our 3rd place. Eric Frey is a very effective vocal tutor, and this program shows. With many audio files and a good manual, it too can accompany you on your way from novice to advanced. In addition, if you're willing to spend Singing Success's price, consider purchasing both Singorama and Vocal Release. Together they'll offer an amazing package which is much more effective than Singing Success, for the same price.

Singing Coach Unlimited is another top product. It is fun to use, and very effective, and reminds us very much of Singorama. However, it's a pity that the product has software glitches, and relies almost entirely on the software, with a manual not comprehensive enough for teaching. Singing Coach Unlimited is not nearly as comprehensive as Singorama 2.0. Despite its higher price, we determined Singorama as a much better buy, and felt Singing Coach Unlimited somehow fell far short of the other three programs.

Learn to Sing the Blues is an excellent DVD for Blues singers. Very enjoyable and rich with insights, learning from Gaye Adegbalola's experience can boost your Blues singing skills up several levels. The DVD is not intended for kids and does not teach singing in general - but for Blues singers it is a must-have.

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Learn To Sing Programs
Singing Success
Vocal Release
Singing Coach Unlimited
Learn To Sing The Blues
Final Buying Tips

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