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Updated Reviews.

1) Learn and Master Piano, by Will Barrow
(Click HERE to enter the Learn and Master Piano product site)

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Learn and Master Piano have started a Three-Day Sale. Course sold for $100 off. Additional details in the "Order Now" page in their site.

Disclosure: As a professional reviews site, we are sometimes compensated by the companies whose products we review. This in no way influences our reviews, which remain unbiased. Full Details Here.

What You Get:

14 full-length DVDs

5 full-length CDs, containing 120 "active" jam tracks w. possibility to turn piano track on, partial or off, and play slow, medium or fast.

110 pages detailed workbook

Numerous supplemental files online (songs, music, tips and tricks)

Online members forum

Unlimited online help

Suitable For:

All levels:
   Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.
   Also suitable for Children
of 8 years and above.

Compatible for both PC and Mac.
Also playable on CD and DVD players (No need for a computer).

Lowest Price:

Lowest price is available from the publisher, by clicking here .

Learn and Master Piano offers Easy Payment plans. The programs can be purchased at up to 4 payments.

The course is available as a physical package. No download version is available for this course. This is no great loss: due to the extremely high quality of the physical goods and the ability to use them on your CD or DVD players away from your computer, we would have recommended against purchasing it via download, anyway.


Risk: Order Security + Guarantee:

No Risk, Full money back guarantee.

Learn and Master Piano order processing performed by 1shoppingcart.com, which is very secure. The ordering process is straightforward, clear, and very safe to use.

Learn and Master Piano provides a 60 days, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, just return it and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked.

This is REALLY our way of doing business. Two thumbs up!

Course Creator Bio:
Our grade: Outstanding!
Grammy Award winner Will Barrow has much more in his bio than playing the piano. His talents and career span being a composer, a recording artist, going on tours, a successful singer-songwriter and an educator. His works appear on several albums and movies, and aired on radio and television. Mr. Barrows has a Masters degree from Manhattan School of Music, and has taught at Long Island University. He has played piano and written music on Broadway, for other artists, for movies and television, and on his personal recordings. He was a finalist in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition and has won the Grammy award for his work on the Beautiful Dreamer CD.

Since Elton John doesn't give piano lessons - you can't get much better than this.

What We Think:

Putting it simply: Learn and Master Piano emerged from our test as the King of "learn piano" courses.
With 14 full-length DVDs stocked with excellent video files, 120 high quality jam tracks and a very effective workbook, the program is by far the most comprehensive program we tested. However, its forte is even more in the Quality of the material than in its Quantity. It is very effective, and easily wins our #1 ranking, even at its admittedly high price.

Learn and Master Piano is a very well structured program. It combines a workbook full of text and pictures, with visual and audio training via DVDs. Everything falls neatly into place, blending fun with results. The program enables a complete novice to start playing almost instantly, while allowing a seasoned pro to run through it the umpteenth time, honing his/her piano playing skills and constantly improving.

The program is based on three massive pillars:

  • The DVDs form the backbone of this course. They are the best we've seen on any program. Period. The 14 DVDs take you by the hand and guide you step by step in your learning. The DVD lessons are set up as a teaching section followed by a workshop section. The teaching sections contain in-depth teaching of each lesson, by Will Barrow. He teaches the concepts and ideas, demonstrates how to perform them, and stresses all important details and possible mistakes and pitfalls. The workshop sessions enable you to gradually practice what you've just learnt on a variety of songs specially selected to demonstrate the new concept or method. All in all, the DVDs teach just about every thinkable subject connected to playing the piano
    Video quality is top-notch, with excellent camera positioning to best capture Barrow's playing. Playing portions include an animated keyboard above the camera image, that highlights the required keys in real-time. This makes learning clear and simple.
    Beginner students will appreciate the steep learning curve this course provides: it enable you to progress very quickly, and actually start playing in a very short time. More advanced students will appreciate the breadth and depth of
    the course. It contains so many lessons, tips and tricks that the DVDs cover a full year's worth of lessons (and that's before you start going through them a second time).

  • The 120 Jam-Along tracks are a real treat. These "active" tracks enable you to play the tracks with the piano track turned on, off, or at partial volume. The tracks for beginners songs also enable playing each song at slow, medium or fast pace. This enables you to progress gradually from following and imitating the pianist (slow speed, piano track turned on), to playing by yourself (piano track turned off, medium or full speed), even ad-libbing with the other instruments backing your playing. Probably the nicest part comes after you master the skills, play the songs at full speed with the piano track on again and try to outplay the recorded piano. Songs are varied, cover a very wide range of genres, and gradually grow in difficulty from true beginner to highly advanced.

  • The thick and fully illustrated book complements the DVDs beautifully. Although this course naturally revolves around the DVDs, the course's book alone can be considered as an excellent piano playing course. We truly admire its thoroughness.
    (more about the DVDs and book later)

  • Although this course is based on physical DVDs, CDs and book, it also provides access to an online members area containing excellent supplemental material. This section enables you to learn to play new songs and music, read sheet music, and learn tips and tricks.

  • The members area also provides an active and vibrant members forum for you to communicate with fellow piano students and post your questions to the course organizers, including Will Barrow himself.

The DVDs and book teach you gradually, step-by-step, everything about how to play the piano:

  • Piano keyboard layout

  • How to hold your hands

  • Basic and advanced chords

  • Connecting Chords, Chord Inversions, Chord Substitution, Chord Progressions, Arpeggios

  • Music theory

  • Sight reading (reading sheet music)

  • Playing by ear any song you hear

  • Training your ear for the above

  • Right hand, Left hand, Two hand playing

  • Correct practicing methods

  • Blues piano and Blues chord progressions, Jazz piano and Jazz chord progressions, Rock piano, Country piano, Latin piano, boogie-woogie, ragtime, modern pop piano,

  • Transposing

  • Improvising and playing your own music

  • how to develop your own unique style for piano playing.

  • What to do and what to avoid in playing

  • Playing solo piano

  • Playing in bands

  • Accompanying vocalists

  • Piano playing tips and tricks

  • And the list goes on..., plus you can immediately practice everything you learn by playing a wide variety of great songs.

The course excels both in teaching to play using sheet music, and in teaching to play by ear. While it is important to know to play sheet music and sight reading, the purest form of piano playing is ear playing: You hear a new song on the radio - and you can play it; You remember a song you loved in your youth - and you can go play it; You're in front of the piano and your friends throw a song's name - and you give them your interpretation of it. Jazz, Rock, Gospel and Blues piano would be nowhere without ear playing. This course stands out in teaching you how to train your ear and play by it.


Maybe the best indication for the excellence of this program is that after countless hours using this program, our testers still find themselves practicing with it, constantly improving and gaining new insights, tips and tricks.

Learn and Master Piano is a fully featured piano course. Although less expensive than some other lesser courses, it provides the best piano tuition available. If you absolutely cannot afford the price - read on the following reviews. However, if you take your piano playing seriously we think the program is almost a must-have. If you want the best program but can't shell out its price, we recommend that you consider buying the course using its easy payment plan, splitting the payment to up to 4 installments. For the price of one piano lesson a month, you obtain a course that will provide both fun and learning for years to come.

Product Site:

For more information about Learn and Master Piano or if you would like to order the course, click here .

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